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Course Details

  • $77.00
  • 5 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • intentional journal activities
  • meditation per lesson
  • intuitively channeled content

About Me

Yasmine Yaiche


Hello there! My name is Yasmine + welcome to the School of the Ascending! A bit about me: I am a gifted energy worker, medium, and spiritual guide on a mission to raise collective consciousness using healing-empowerment tools + channeled messages.

How it started: I went from overwhelmed, wounded victim of my reality, to thriving, peaceful balanced state of being so that I could live a life in resonance with my values + in harmony with my past, present, and future experiences. Having experienced the same, I now help my clients evolve their wounds to wisdom so they feel empowered through their healing + elevate into freedom.

I believe it is my souls purpose to bring these channeled messages and divine knowledge into the world at a time where humanity is healing + ascending faster than they ever have in previous generations. It is my pleasure to evolve alongside you + thrive from this experience where we are all here to grow within ourselves and in turn, impact the world.

I hope that you enjoy this course as much as I did learning + creating it. As always, take what resonates + leave the rest behind! x

with Love + gratitude,

Yasmine Yaiche


  • "She is gifted to be able to tap into a well of knowledge and I felt very grateful to be able to receive a piece of that. I can not recommend her enough, she is the real deal. " {Ibtissam S, Belgium}

  • "I met Yasmine at clubhouse events many times. She has such a unique way to describe human experience related to spirituality. Through her intuitive gifts and sensitivity about energy and frequency, she has helped my son who has terminal disease at his late stage, gain new perspectives about his purpose and strengths. I highly recommend her service to anyone who needs some guidance and clarity in aligning higher orders for who we really are!" {Sunny L, USA}

  • "Not a day goes by I don't think about our meeting months ago. I firmly believe our conversation, our connection was a portal to my Ascension. [She] gave me the clarity I needed to grow closer and closer to my authenticity." {Melissa B, USA}

  • "..Her gifts of clairvoyance, claircognizance, psychic abilities to name a few do not go around in loops. She guides/channels you with insights DIRECTLY into issues. Every word is concise and straight to the point. What makes me at ease is that I can feel Yasmine channels of pure essence from Divine. She's a gifted life coach that I'm so blessed to have met." {Khine M, Canada}

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the course available for a limited time after purchase or course completion?

    Nope! This course is available to you as lifetime access once you purchase it which means it is available forever. You will just need to log-in to your Thinkific account to re-visit the course should you refresh your knowledge after initial completion.

  • Am I able to start + stop any lessons if I needed too?

    Yes! The beauty of this course is that it is self-guided which means you are able to start and pause lessons at your leisure. Pausing a lesson is especially important if you are wanting to take a moment to answer the journal questions for each day.

  • What makes this course a "channeled" course?

    The Door to Value™ Elevate - Evolve - Empower introductory course through the School of the Ascending is a completely channeled curriculum based on Divinely guided messages that were passed onto me at random throughout the last 2 years of my Ascension journey. Every aspect of this course was lived through as a personal lesson, however, the information from it was brought to my attention at random times when I was not intentionally thinking about creating a course. I felt the Divine push me to put this course out as a means of connecting the collective back to the core attributes of their own soul's journey.

  • Are there any special offers or bonuses for completing the course?

    Absolutely! Upon course completion, you will receive an in-depth checklist on common Awakening + Ascending experiences based on the Chakra. Additionally, for every friend you refer to the course + upon their formal enrollment, you receive a free 30-min intuitive session. To schedule this session with me, you will need to message me the first + last name of the person you referred so I can cross-check that they have enrolled and then I will reach back out to you to finalize a date + time that works for both of us!

  • Are there other ways I can support you and/or your mission?

    First + foremost, I appreciate you being on the planet and choosing to embark your own journey that also affects the collective as you continue to heal, so thank you! If you would like to support me, you can do so by either enrolling in the course or booking an intuitive reading via my instagram. You can also support me by writing a review, as those are always helpful. Many blessings to you kind Soul!

Embark in a learning experience from the Divine + dedicated to You